Rhymes of wilderness, we consider Tanzania cultural diversity as one of its greatest strengths. By get-together and understanding people whose views and values are not the same from your own, you acquire new perspectives and insights and that change your attitudes towards others, yourself and the entire African continent.

This new depth of awareness and wisdom opens new horizons, chances and flexibility in your life choices. You may embark on a journey to Africa to learn more about her wildlife diversity, but through her people, you will get more time to reflect on yourself.

Rhymes of wilderness in collaboration with diverse local tribes can help you plan the best sensitive, rewarding and mutually respectful Tanzanian ethnic vacation experience. Visit amazing and cultural richness motherland with Rhymes of wilderness to enlighten yourself with the greater world beyond your comfort zone.

Visit Tanzania and experience its Cultural and Traditions richness of its People.

See the well-known Maasai Tribe residing near many Parks and savour their distinctive Customs and Dresses, also the famous Makone Tribe known for their painting on Canvas.

Our Tanzanian Cultural and Historical Tours enable you to experience the ways of life of the various Tribes and immerse yourself in their Cultures and Traditions.

Our Cultural Tours are designed to enable Our Guests to Learn and share the experience of Tanzania Local People.

  • Learn the History of the Swahili Coast and its People.
  • Climb The Holy Mountain.
  • Learn about the diagnostic methods of Traditional Maasai Healers.
  • Amaze your taste buds with local cooked dishes and local Drinks.
  • In the evening listen to Ancient Famous Tales around an open Camp Fire and enjoy an Overnight Stay at the Local Boma (Maasai house). 

Cultural Tourism  


  • Tour Traditional Villages and sample the Bush Food.
  • Visit Historical Colonial Sites, including Plantations and Graves.
  • Enjoy the Local Cuisine.



  • Spend the day hiking Mount Kindoroko
  • Visit The Nyumba ya Mungu Dam.
  • Learn to make Traditional Food and Beer.
  • Watch Local Crafts People at work.
  • Learn about Herbal Medicine.
  • Dance with Locals or help out on Farms.



Learn about the Local People and The Sacred Nature of The Slencatchment .

Visit God’s Bridge.

Visit Nronga Village to learn about Cheese-Making.

On a Monday the Local Market takes place, see how Local Pottery Is made.

At N’nguni you can learn about House Building and Bee-Keeping.



  • View the Town from the top of Barra Hill.
  • Visit Miwalen Lake and Waterfall.



See how Tanzanite is mined.

Undertake a Tour of a Maasai Village and Market.

Unwind at the Chemka Hot Spring after undertaking a Walking Safari.




  • Cultural Tours include visit to Meru Tribe Chief’s Compound,
  • A Church Service or Theatre performances around the Bonfire.
  • Visit Local Coffee Plantation and sample the delights of their freshly made Coffee.
  • Hike Mt Meru.



  • There are a number of Historical Building in Pangani, including a Coconut Plantation.
  • It also has an Original Slave Labour Camp and a Slave Market Site.
  • It is steeped in History and provides an insight into the conditions which Slaves had to suffer.



Here you can meet the Hadzabe Tribe.

Their practices have not changed much in Thousands of Years.

They still largely depend on Hunting Wild Animals and gathering Fruits

They live in Caves and temporary Shacks.



  • Arusha Town is easily accessible by foot.
  • It is an interesting Cultural Experience.
  • The Local Museum and Monuments are well worth visiting.
  • A visit to The Local Market is top of our List with our Guests in Arusha.
  • Visit Meru Waterfall which is situated a short drive outside of Arusha.