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Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve is Africa’s largest wildlife reserve and one of the continent’s most popular game watching sites. It is one of Africa’s largest protected regions, covering 50,000 square kilometers and remaining mostly untouched by human interference.

The Selous, Africa’s largest and oldest game reserve, is one of the continent’s most stunning wildlife sites. Boating, strolling, and fly camping complement traditional game drives in rich animal regions, and the park’s beauty is matched by the excellence of a safari here. This is an outstanding safari park that should be included on any southern circuit itinerary.

The Selous is an excellent safari destination for both family safaris and African honeymoons, thanks to its accessibility and absence of people.

The park offers the country’s most diverse range of safari activities, including watercraft safaris, conventional game drives, walking safaris, and famous fly camping expeditions.

A network of waterways and lagoons that feed from the Rufiji River run across the northern part of Selous. This lush terrain serves as a water source for the region’s wildlife, and the concentration of animals surrounding these water sources at the conclusion of the dry season is incredible. The bulk of the campgrounds are located around the river and lakes, successfully depending on the animals’ need for water to create game viewing opportunities. The Selous is at its busiest from July until the middle of November, when the dry season is in full swing and all of the animals congregate around the few permanent water sources.

The Selous has an incredible amount of game, with numbers that put other African parks to shame. Elephants, buffalo, and lions are ‘arguably’ found nowhere else on the earth in higher numbers all year. The Selous’ status as the last real bastion for African wild dogs, however, attracts visitors.

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